.It was May 2011 when i decided to grow my own vegetables, actually pechay was the only one that came to my mind, only because we have these african love birds for a pet (and they love pechay).  But then, after sowing some pechay seeds (just bought the ramgo seeds), another idea popped up, why not plant some other veggies, and since i have always been a fan of spicy foods, why not start with chili pepper or locally known as siling labuyo, but after ransacking our fridge for some available siling labuyo, there they were.....bell peppers and tomatoes....hmmm...so, i decided to plant them as well.
         (please note that I don't even know whether peppers are considered veggies, as for tomatoes, well, i read somewhere that they are considered fruit).

         Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures of my pechay.. actually, they didn't survive, but as of this writing i'm trying to plant some pechay again.

   My tomatoes did produce some flowers, but they became casualties after the typhoon Juaning

  My first siling labuyo, taken last September 1, 2011

        Bell pepper (looks a little bit malnourished) taken last Oct. 1, 2011

         My first harvest...that produced something like this....

TADAAA... My special bicol express..

 if you will ask me, i can proudly say that i did a good job with this bicol express...but my kids say otherwise
But this made me think, I still don't have siling panigang... next project.. to raise siling panigang.