It took me almost three months to have another entry here in my blog, it's just that I was kinda hoping that my next post would be about our transfer to our new home/dream garden.  Well, so much about my (little) frustration, instead let me brag about my flowering plants....

I don't have any clues about this plant, i don't even know its name, but thanks to my forum friend who told me that some of the traders here called this MARGARITA

These are different colors of lantana or commonly known as....wait for it...... KANTUTAY.  The reason why i love this plant is because they never fail to give me flowers.

Just like margarita, I don't have a clue about this plant, I just bought a seed packet from yates (cottage garden mix), so I don.t have any idea which is which, according to my other forum friend this is called CALENDULA or popularly known as POT MARIGOLD

Originally, I was looking for a Medinilla Magnifica, because it is said that they are more attractive, since I can't find one, I settled for this MEDINILLA PENDULA , they are easy to grow and they are native to the Philippines

PLUMBAGO, often incorrectly called 'forget-me-not' by many of the local traders

FUCHSIA...this is one of my favorites among my flowering plants..though I know that this plant is seasonal, I still made the effort to look on where to buy this plant...and for P 150.00, it's worth it...I get to enjoy my FUCHSIA for a month.

DAHLIA, according to Google, there are at least 36 species of Dahlia, mine is called Dahlia Cinderella

GARDENIA, locally known as Rosal.  Aside from the dazzling white flower of this plant, it's main attraction is the scent.  Whew, I just can't find the right word to describe how fragrant this flower is, maybe.....heavenly scent