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DISH GARDEN (budget friendly)

Finally!  We got to move-in to our humble abode (dream house), but I just can't start with my gardening yet, but since i'm sooo excited, I decided to start with dish gardening.

shallow pot (PHP 25.00)

assorted plants (now this is important, you should choose plants that require the same type of care)
(PHP 8.00 each)

white pebbles (PHP 25.00), miniature clay pot (PHP 10.00 each), and moss  (not only attractive, but also helps to retain moisture, PHP10.00)

soil, gravel (I don't know if this is the right gravel for this project, the point is, this gravel is jsut sitting accross from our street, and that makes them free) 

charcoal (I think this is optional, i've read somewhere that the use of charcoal for dish gardening is to absorb the odor of the water, but some experts say that charcoal works only for a couple of months)

Put about an inch of gravel (for drainage)

Charcoal should be placed after the gravel, but I've decided not to use the charcoal, so my next step is to put some potting soil

You may want to play around on how your dish garden will look like.

Last stage, after setting the plants (you may want to spread their roots to make them sit lower than how they came potted), put the moss, pebbles, and try to arrange your clay pots.  Ohh, I almost forgot, you should firm the soil around the plants, before placing your moss and ornaments...

This project should be sitting on top of our center table, but since we don't have one (yet)..this is the next best spot, on top of our kitchen counter.

That's about it!  But I still need to keep an eye with this, I need to observe whether my dish garden would thrive and grow healthy right on this spot.

After reading BlackDove's blog about his DIY trellis, I got really inspired and decided to make one for my cherry tomato, that badly needs a trellis.

My cherry tomato without a trellis 

Materials that I used
plastic pot, bamboo, pvc pipe, steel wire (I don't know what gauge, but I used a thicker one), Epoxy adhesive, wire cutter, hack saw, enamel paint, paint brush

1.  Using your hacksaw, cut at least 5-6 inches of the pvc pipe (4 pieces).  Sorry, but i'm not that good in using the hacksaw, which resulted to this uneven cut, but this will do.

2.  Using a wire cutter, cut 4 inches of steel wire (8 pieces), this is to properly secure your leg holder.

3.  Apply a generous amount of epoxy adhesive.

4.  Attach the leg holder to the plastic pot,  I used the steel wires to properly secure the leg holders.

 5.  Do step 4 to all the corners of the plastic pot, and insert all the trellis legs into the leg holders.

6.  Apply some paint to the bamboo trellis, cut a desired length of steel wire to join all the four trellis legs

My first produce, cherry tomato!

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