I just can't help it, I really must start with my gardening!  The best way to start....a temporary pocket garden

Here's where i'm planning to place my pocket garden

after some clearing and digging....

since we don't have a tamper, I just asked my son to jump on this site

after a couple of minutes...

hmmm, I think I need some sand...look at those pile of sand. (from across the street)..it's as if they are saying..I'm free, come and get me :D

sshhh, we just took 2 sacks of sand

with sand..my pocket garden looks a lot cleaner

wait! I need to elevate my pots, and a better way to do it is to use some colored pebbles..or golden gravel, but I really don't have a budget for that.....(sigh)

whew, tired already? we need some gravel 

See!  Those G1 gravel (from across the street) would do for now

It's now after 5PM....no workers, no roving guards :D, we just need two socks of G1 gravel

It's getting dark, time to take a rest

Nothing is permanent in my pocket garden...if by chance we'll have a budget. 
I might change those G1 gravel with bermuda grass, or some colored pebbles, but for now....I'll enjoy my Pocket Garden!