my Mickey Mouse plant after Gener

no wonder they are called Mickey Mouse, but some of the traders called them money tree, because it is said that they bring luck!  I think i'm gonna buy me some lotto tickets :D

even my miniature rose enjoyed Gener

Medinilla with Coleus

Happy Mandevilla

I've lost the label of this plant, and since I have habanero, jalapeno, siling panigang, sweet cayenne pepper, cherry pepper, and labuyo... i have no idea what kind of pepper this is (hhmmm..cherry pepper is out of the picture, and it kinda looks like labuyo)

after a year of buying this plant, finally...flower buds from my Tecoma Stans

Whoa! flower bud from my Gardenia

whew! While some of my plants enjoyed Gener, it seemed like the caterpillars had a feast with my variegated calamansi

some of the seedlings that survived Gener

seedlings repotted (zinnia, dahlia, and carnation)